Desert Island Discs - mentalist - 11 December 2011

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Re: Desert Island Discs - mentalist - 11 December 2011

Postby Ghost of Harry Smith » 13 Dec 2011, 02:24

Excellent read, cheers Peter. Like Mission I can relate, it's almost the same time period as my childhood in Perth so much in common. I'm going to see The Church on Saturday night, they're playing Starfish amongst other albums so I'm bound to get as much of a pleasant nostalgia buzz as I did reading your DID reminiscing.

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Re: Desert Island Discs - mentalist - 11 December 2011

Postby kath » 15 Dec 2011, 21:25

this is beyond groovy, man... the story, the style, the music. throughout this series, i've been particularly fascinated about musical "scenes" so far removed from me, in place, in spirit. whatever. i love it. i get inside that scene as much as possible.

it helps when i really love the music involved. (yeahyeah, i'm not talkin about the beatles or george mccrae or james brown, all faves.) i have never heard died pretty or laughing clowns. i love both. i've been a church lover since i first bought heyday.

i had forgotten about how much i love 'i am the resurrection' til i played yer clip. the first time i heard the song was on this board, i dunno when it was, some months ago. coan put up a poll of "i am the" songs. i am the cosmos, i am the fly, i am the law and the king bitch bringer of deathly walruses or some crap. resurrection was my easy fave.

another english litterer, huh? well, i did finish my masters, went ABD on the doctorate, and guess what? here i sit, jobless, skin broke and unable to perform the most basic of brain functions. on the bright side, however, i can hwæt wiþ the best of ðem, a skill never to be underestimated at parties.

p.s. by the way, i still love select ELO, supertramp and parsons. i flaunt my love, regardless of any and all naysayin assfaces.

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Re: Desert Island Discs - mentalist - 11 December 2011

Postby mentalist (slight return) » 16 Dec 2011, 01:03

Thanks Kath, I still like ELO and Supertramp, not sure how I'd go with Parsons though ...

I have to admit I haven't read all the DIDs beacuse it takes a lot of time to do them justice but I will go through every one in time (and make comments!). It's a great way to get to know every one a bit more.
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Re: Desert Island Discs - mentalist - 11 December 2011

Postby Corporate whore » 22 Jun 2012, 16:00

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