Frank Worthington

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Frank Worthington

Postby The Prof » 26 Mar 2021, 22:47


"He wore cowboy boots, vivid velvet jackets and was a quintessential West Yorkshire dandy. That meant rugged: he was by no means a metrosexual. The lyric “He-man drag in the glittering ballroom,” from 5:15 on The Who’s Quadrophenia album could have been written for him. He strutted in stadiums and nightclubs. He was from the footballing wing of Glam Rock".

Great write up in the Independant

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The Fish
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Re: Frank Worthington

Postby The Fish » 29 Mar 2021, 16:59

One of my favourite players ever. A happy day indeed when I learnt he had signed for Brighton albeit at the tail end of his career, aged 35. Lucky to have seen him play and even at that age he was a reveleation. Slowest legs on the picth but the fastest brain by a distance. Pure skill. Frank pf course famously remarked, followng his playing days, that "players today can trap a ball further than I cold kick it."

The website for the local paper has some interesting memories. Dutch plater Hans Kraay, who payed for BHA at the same time, recounted that he played at San Jose with George Best, but a night out with Geroge seemed tame compared to a night out with Frank.
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Re: Frank Worthington

Postby Lord Rother » 29 Mar 2021, 22:25

Skill to die for but didn’t fulfil his potential as a footballer, probably due to his own life choices.