Stu (Vieira)

As it says on the tin. Contains the In Memoriam, birthday greetings and splicing announcements of this community.
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Carl's Son
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Postby Carl's Son » 09 Aug 2006, 22:25

I didn't really know him well but this is very sad news. Cheers for letting us all know.
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Postby Penk! » 09 Aug 2006, 22:29

I can only repeat what Chris said, my condolences to his family.
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Maya's Prop
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Postby Clippernolan » 09 Aug 2006, 22:37

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Postby Jude » 09 Aug 2006, 22:40

As you say Sam, i didn't know him as a poster, but still very sad to lose a fellow BCB'er.

Please send our condolences to his family.
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Scally Mcgrew
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Postby Scally Mcgrew » 09 Aug 2006, 22:44

Thanks for keeping us informed, Sam.

As you say, if there's anything any of us lot can do.....
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Postby Underwater » 09 Aug 2006, 22:52

Wow.... I have one of his CDs here..

That sucks.. give my commiserations to the family :(
Also, a tin teardrop

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Billybob Dylan
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Postby Billybob Dylan » 09 Aug 2006, 22:58

Chris Chopping wrote:I didn't really know him well but this is very sad news. Cheers for letting us all know.

I can only repeat what Chris said. My sincere condolences to Stu's wife.
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Now more than ever
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Postby Underwater » 09 Aug 2006, 22:59

The Smamfy wrote:
Underwater wrote:Wow.... I have one of his CDs here..

That sucks.. give my commiserations to the family :(

Can you tell Rob? I know him and Stu got on well.

Notified. He was as amazed as I was. Didn't see that one coming... :(
Also, a tin teardrop

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The Prof
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Postby The Prof » 09 Aug 2006, 23:11

I think it's the first time anything has happened like this in our little community.
Your taste in music and your generosity will be missed. RIP Stu.

Stirling Moss

Postby Stirling Moss » 09 Aug 2006, 23:13


Six String
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Postby Six String » 09 Aug 2006, 23:20

I'm in total shock. My main interaction was helping him occasionally with things related to the coughing section. He was very generous and hardworking in that area. My sincerest condolences to his family and loved ones. I hope he's in a better place now.
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Neil Jung
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Postby Neil Jung » 09 Aug 2006, 23:21

This is terrible news; Stu was a genuinely great, friendly guy. I last met him at BOSH's JU in Richmond last year. Didn't he have a youngish daughter?
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Postby sloopjohnc » 09 Aug 2006, 23:31

How old a guy was he?
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Postby yomptepi » 09 Aug 2006, 23:37

I am genuinely shocked and upset by this terrible news. Stu was only around 40, and was as fine a bcber as I have ever met. I am finding it hard to get my head round. A tragic turn of events.
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Postby Hugh » 09 Aug 2006, 23:38

I've posted my thoughts on the thread in the other section. This really is bad news.

Hey Stu,

You do realise that you've now got the job of organising Jolly Ups up there. When my turn comes to walk through the door I expect to see the best bar band that heaven can offer.

I'm sure that quite a few glasses will be raised in your honour on the 19th. Thankfully, Smamfy has managed to dissuade The Slider from donning a frock coat and tights, reciting an Ivor Cutler poem and releasing a box of jolly up CDs over the assembled throng.

God bless mate.
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the masked man
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Postby the masked man » 09 Aug 2006, 23:41

Having met Stu briefly, I found him a fine jolly-up companion. I am therefore, really sad at hearing this news. It's hard to take in - my condolences go out to his loved ones.

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Jeff K
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Postby Jeff K » 09 Aug 2006, 23:52

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Postby Billy » 09 Aug 2006, 23:55

Terrible. My thoughts are with his family who he obviously adored. Many of his posts made mention of them.

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elegant chaos (reprise)
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Postby elegant chaos (reprise) » 10 Aug 2006, 00:22

Oh no.
I feel numb.

We never met, although we did exchange many PMs.
He was a lovely friendly bloke.

His poor wife and family.