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Re: BCB Cup 2013 - Round 2 - Match 12 - echofailia...

Posted: 16 Feb 2013, 18:06
by echolalia
Well that's the end of that then. A, I was only kidding when I said your list was ghastly: I actually quite like it (but I like mine more). Congratulations on your win. It's a pity it wasn't a more exciting tie, though. Have yourself a cup of tea and a couple of chocolate digestives: you've earned it.

Re: BCB Cup 2013 - Round 2 - Match 12

Posted: 16 Feb 2013, 21:31
by watts
I dunno Echo...when you described your opponents list as a ghastly zombie you want to hack to bits I thought "Exactly!" I liked your list and voted for it DESPITE Morrissey which takes some superhuman effort from me.