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Jeff K
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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby Jeff K » 08 Oct 2008, 21:28

So sorry, Matt. Hang in there and be strong for your family.
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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby Witchypoo » 08 Oct 2008, 22:27

Oh! I'm so sorry Matt.
Love to you & yours'
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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby Thesiger » 08 Oct 2008, 22:41

So sorry to hear your sad news, Matthew.
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Butch Manly
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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby Butch Manly » 08 Oct 2008, 23:29

Best wishes at this difficult time, Matt. I've typed a lengthy post several times over and then deleted it. I just can't find the words, I'm afraid.

Take care.
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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby RcL » 09 Oct 2008, 02:33

Sorry Matt - tough news. Best thoughts with you.

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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby Snarfyguy » 09 Oct 2008, 05:44

I thought this was some going on vacation thread, so I didn't open it until now.

So sorry to hear about this, prez. My condolences and best to your family.
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James R
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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby James R » 09 Oct 2008, 06:28

Sincerest condolences from me, mate. If it's any consolation I know exactly what you must be going through.
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La Denim

Re: Goodbye.........

Postby La Denim » 09 Oct 2008, 09:29

Sounds like a he was a truly good man and your words are extremely touching. My condolences to you and your family.

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Silent Bob
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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby Silent Bob » 09 Oct 2008, 09:35

Condolences to you and yours.
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Arthur Crud

Re: Goodbye.........

Postby Arthur Crud » 09 Oct 2008, 10:00

Sorry to hear this Matt.

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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby Snowdog » 09 Oct 2008, 14:13

So sorry to hear this, Matt.

I know you know you're among friends, here. Anytime, mate. Just shout.
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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby souphound » 09 Oct 2008, 14:20

So sad to hear this Matt. Keep on keeping on and make sure that over time, your kids hear about all the good things he had going. It's important to not let that stuff just evaporate in the ether.
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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby tweetybird » 09 Oct 2008, 17:58

My deepest condolences on your loss, Matt. Your dad sounds like a super guy, and you were very lucky to have him for a father. Keep the good memories with you in your sorrow, and let others know how great he was, so they would be inspired, too.
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Minnie the Minx
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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby Minnie the Minx » 10 Oct 2008, 13:02

I'm so sorry Matt, and I am wishing you all the best.
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Mr Maps
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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby Mr Maps » 10 Oct 2008, 20:03

Very sorry to read this. Take care of yourself, pal.
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Nikki Gradual
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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby Nikki Gradual » 10 Oct 2008, 21:52

My God I'm sad now, paralysed,
You're going away,
I'd hoped you were gonna stay,
I'm so sad you're going away.
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T. Berry Shuffle
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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby T. Berry Shuffle » 10 Oct 2008, 21:58

Terribly sorry to hear the sad news, Matt. Keep well my friend. I'll have you in my thoughts.
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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby Sambient » 10 Oct 2008, 23:40

Very sorrowful news. My condolences.
R.I.P. Dad. You did a good job with your son. Though there is heartache, there is celebration of a wonderful man.

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The Red Heifer
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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby The Red Heifer » 10 Oct 2008, 23:50

So sorry to hear about your loss Matt, my condolences :(
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trans-chigley express
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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby trans-chigley express » 10 Oct 2008, 23:55

So sorry to hear this sad news, Matt. It seems like you and your Dad were very close.