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Postby Prez! » 08 Oct 2008, 15:20

No, not flouncing, but said goodbye to my Dad this morning as he succumbed to a heart attack three weeks ago, from which he never really regained concioussness.
A semi pro footballer, rugby player, cricketer & golfer.Proud father of three, grandfather to four, he was my hero.
Rest easy, mate.

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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby yomptepi » 08 Oct 2008, 15:23

I 'm really sorry Matt. I didn't know it was all so iminant. If you need some company, give me a knock.
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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby Diamond Dog » 08 Oct 2008, 15:28

Matt, that's terrible news.

As I always say at these moments, nothing I say can make any difference - just know that I' here if you need to talk, rant or just shoot the shit. You know it.
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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby Brin » 08 Oct 2008, 15:46

Very sad news for you Matt.
All the best to you at this sad time.
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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby Jock » 08 Oct 2008, 15:48

Sorry to hear the bad news Matt. You are in our thoughts.
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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby sloopjohnc » 08 Oct 2008, 15:48

Having a parent die is never easy. I know. Mine and my wife's moms died within a year of each other.

Is your mom still alive and how are the kids taking their grandfather gone now?
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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby John_K » 08 Oct 2008, 15:50

Sorry to hear your news Matt, our condolences...

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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby Chestnuts roasting on an open Fireplug » 08 Oct 2008, 15:52

Condolences from me too Matt. Sounds like you were both lucky to have known and loved each other.

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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby Marquis de Scarborough » 08 Oct 2008, 15:54

Sorry to hear that Matt. I can only echo what others have said, if you need to talk etc.

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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby Goat Boy » 08 Oct 2008, 15:55

My condolences on your loss.
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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby king feeb » 08 Oct 2008, 15:55

Sorry to hear that Matt. Your dad sounds like an ace. My condolences to you and yours.
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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby Jimbly » 08 Oct 2008, 15:56

All I can say is that you and yours are in my thoughts

take care

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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby Bungo the Mungo » 08 Oct 2008, 15:57

I'm terribly sorry Matt. Take care.

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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby Walk In My Shadow » 08 Oct 2008, 15:58

I'm very sorry Matthew.

Your dad has led a very sportive life, didn't he?

Remember the good times.



Re: Goodbye.........

Postby Beebsy » 08 Oct 2008, 16:00

I am so sorry for your loss, Matt.

Your post only gives a tiny insight into what sounds like a fantastic life. I hope all those memories and stories give you some comfort at such a sad time.

I'm thinking of you and the girls.

Bronagh x

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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby Carl's Son » 08 Oct 2008, 16:06

Sorry to hear this sad news Matt, hope you and your family are doing ok, at least as well as you can be considering.
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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby pang5 » 08 Oct 2008, 16:13

Nothing I can say will help. I'm glad you had a chance to know your hero for the time you had and that he's been an influence on you. May this help you in the time to come.
There'll be tough times ahead. Keep on going is all you can do sometimes.
Good luck to you and your family.

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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby Doctor Jimmy » 08 Oct 2008, 16:15

I'm sorry for your loss, Matt.

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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby The Driver » 08 Oct 2008, 16:24

Sorry for your loss, mate. You and yours are in my thoughts.
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Re: Goodbye.........

Postby Neil Jung » 08 Oct 2008, 16:29


I'm really sorry to hear your sad news.

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