Dream Attic - Richard Thompson

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Dream Attic - Richard Thompson

Postby purgatory brite » 06 Sep 2010, 22:58


A five star album in my opinion. Although I'm an on/off follower of his work, this album is certainly one of the best of his that I've heard. Unusually, the songs have been recorded live rather than in the studio, which certainly gives an additional edginess to them. Both Thompson's songwriting and guitar palying are excellent. I would certainly recommend Dream Attic to anyone who has ever liked RT.

I'm not sure why, but the song Here Comes Geordie is a scathing attack on Sting. What has he done to upset RT I wonder?

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Re: Dream Attic - Richard Thompson

Postby Jeff K » 06 Sep 2010, 23:03

Funny you should say that. Most of us agreed that it's a stellar piece of work right here on this very thread.

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